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Pride goes before destruction, an arrogant spirit before a fall (Prov 16:18)

No one is as empty as those who are full of themselves!

Some people are like cocks that think the sun has risen to hear them crow.

As Christians we must learn to swallow our pride occasionally.Try it, it will never give you indigestion.

Do not let us be too big to do little things willingly, so that we are not too little to be trusted with big things.

All we need is a child-like heart and an innocent mind for we are mere instruments in the hands of the Creator.

Empty your cup of pride so that Christ may refill you.

An already filled cup needs no more; but as soon as we empty it, there is more space to accommodate more contents.

Be open to knowledge; it is only fools who think that knowledge belongs to them alone. Indeed those who are swimming in pride are in the best position to remain static; since they are not ready to learn anything new from others.

The wise ones know the limit of their knowledge and are always ready to learn.

Always bear in mind that “disgrace always accompanies pride, wisdom resides with the humble (Prov 11:2)

(Excerpt from Abide in My word, July 2010. Copyright 2010 by Abide in My Word Press)