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Who Are You?

For us Christians, when we remember certain individuals in the bible there are certain words that come to our mind as regards who they were.

For example:

Judas Iscariot  a Betrayer

Cain a murderer

Abraham the father of faith

Jonathan a noble hero

David the man after God’s heart……

The list is endless so I will stop.

As a person and a child of God what defines you?

Are you a confidant? The type of person someone can talk to, share secrets with without fear that one day all that they told you would be on another’s person lips?

Are you the type of person that allows anger to rule your every action?

Are you a liar, a cheat, a drunk or are you a noble hero, a man or woman after God’s heart, a man or woman of faith?

The list is endless with the vice and virtues each of us can either embrace or reject.

As I am about to enter into a new year, personally I am taking the time to find out who I am as a person so that I even in my absence someone can say.

“I know who she is and she is………..(hopefully by His grace I pray they will say nice things.)” 

For anyone reading this, I ask a simple question who are you?