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When a ceiling fan is cut off from its power source, it continues to spin. Gradually the momentum reduces and in a matter of seconds it finally stops spinning.

The mistake we as Christians make is to believe that the gifts given to us by God will continue to remain in us overtime without any efforts on our part.

This is true only if we realize that just like the ceiling fan, if we cut off from out power source which is God, we will gradually lose our momentum and eventually stop moving.

One thing that I have come to realize is that we as true believers can be spiritually asleep at different degrees.

Using the illustration above, if as the ceiling fan gradually slows down and the power source which was initially turned off is turned back on, what will happen?

The fan will pick up momentum again and start spinning at the speed level it was turned on with.

Whatever gifts of the Holy Spirit we possess as Christians, if we do not try regularly to get spiritual nourishment from God, we will gradually lose them.

Eventually, just like the fan we will cease to spin at all.

Remain Blessed,

Edith Edremoda.


Two weeks later, Wow!

I never would have thought that it would take me close to two weeks to post on my blog. Now i understand what the word Procrastination is all about. Who would have imagined? ‘I will work on it tomorrow’, I kept on saying to myself. One, Two, Three days passed and I still did not do anything.

Finally, after two weeks I am writing my second post on this blog.. Who would have thought.. I do intend to keep it up. No more procrastination  no more ‘i will do it tomorrow’.I have stopped speaking that language. (winks)

Who am i kidding? I can only guarantee that I will try my best. But  as a christian i have come to realize that I draw strength from the power of the word of God, and so from now on, each day until i conquer this thing called ‘procrastination’ i will post a biblical verse.Just so i know that i can overcome it and also to remind myself that it really is not a good habit to cultivate.

So here is my biblical verse for this first day: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men” (Colossians 3:23).

Remain blessed.