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Timeless Love

Excerpt from Timeless Love


A Loud Cry

The land of fragrance was in a flurry of activity. The loud voices of men filled the air as I sat down and waited in anticipation. In awe, I listened with rapt attention, absorbing all that was said about Him. They could not stop talking. Excitement filled their voices. Could this be? Was He truly passing by? I asked myself.

The stories the men told of Him were extraordinary. I have heard the stories and many more before. But as they spoke today, I believed. Sighing heavily I reminisced in anguish. This is my only chance. I cannot afford to miss this opportunity. I am tired of living this way; tired of living each day at the mercy of others. With great determination, I continued sitting down, waiting patiently for His arrival.

I could hear the crowd around me. The heavy footsteps of men walking, the beautiful sounds of children running, the echoes from the dancing feet of women all joined to create a rhythm that made my soul want to dance . A smile crept on my lips. Hope at last. He was coming.

By the road I waited. Not in reproachful misery but in joyful anticipation. The sounds changed. The shouts became louder, the singing more joyful and the laughter more contagious. At that moment all I wanted was to catch His attention as He passed by.

With the scores of people it seemed impossible. What could I do to make Him notice?

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Small Beginnings


It is a fact of history that the greatest things most times have small beginnings. Many great and memorable ideas began with small things. The idea of cultivation, reformation and so on began with a very small beginning. the witness of God grows until its growth and the kingdom of earth becomes the kingdom of God.

Whoever has a larger conception of his possibilities, a larger faith in self. A larger faith in attainment, is bound to accomplish infinitely more than those who depend on their seemingly more favorable assets; wealth; influence or position for their success. Christianity began from the smallest beginning; but today, it has transformed the lives of many.

Jesus lived like a common man but His life influenced many lives. Although a drop in an ocean may be a little, it makes the magnanimity of the ocean. There is no small act of kindness. Just do it and you can never tell how far it goes for the recipient. May God help us to see Him in our smallest beginnings. Amen.

Remain Blessed.

(Excerpt from Abide in my word. copyright 2010 Abide in My Word Press. All rights reserved)

Who Are You?

For us Christians, when we remember certain individuals in the bible there are certain words that come to our mind as regards who they were.

For example:

Judas Iscariot  a Betrayer

Cain a murderer

Abraham the father of faith

Jonathan a noble hero

David the man after God’s heart……

The list is endless so I will stop.

As a person and a child of God what defines you?

Are you a confidant? The type of person someone can talk to, share secrets with without fear that one day all that they told you would be on another’s person lips?

Are you the type of person that allows anger to rule your every action?

Are you a liar, a cheat, a drunk or are you a noble hero, a man or woman after God’s heart, a man or woman of faith?

The list is endless with the vice and virtues each of us can either embrace or reject.

As I am about to enter into a new year, personally I am taking the time to find out who I am as a person so that I even in my absence someone can say.

“I know who she is and she is………..(hopefully by His grace I pray they will say nice things.)” 

For anyone reading this, I ask a simple question who are you?


Faith the Substance of…

Hello everyone, I just want to scribble down more inspirational quotes I have read this month.

It’s was becoming difficult for a while to believe in the things I was hoping for . I  needed to take a deep breath, listen, read and be inspired by the Holy Spirit through the scriptures and the words of men that I should not to lose faith. For as a believer we walk by faith and not by sight. 2Corinthians 5:7

I have retraced my steps and I am walking on the path of faith.

Am I succeeding? Yes I believe so.

For if I was not succeeding, I will not be writing this.

So I want to share some of the scripture and words that helped me.

Maybe someone out there is going through what I went through. Doubting themselves and losing faith because the things they desired, prayed and hoped for still have not materialized.

These are very simple but powerful words that have motivated me and helped “ginger” my faith in God.

Hebrews 11:1 (KJV)
“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

“Faith is what will carry you beyond the garment of human understanding.”

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr

“God didn’t promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow or sun without rain but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears and light for the way. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.”


“I don’t pray for God to take my problems away, I pray only for God to give me the strength to go through them.”
– Jose Lozano

Don’t lose faith. God is on His throne and He is working everything out for your good.


I know I said at the beginning  that I wanted to scribble some inspirational quotes. Ooops! Sorry! I got carried away…….(winks)

Edith Edremoda.