Edith’s Diaries

This page is all about my life as an author. My triumphs and my failures. .. Hmm…. maybe I shouldn’t use the word failure…. Setbacks seem a more appropriate word… But I am up again, so that’s good.

Let me tell you about one of such failures… I was so excited to finish my first book; Entangled. I felt like a genius. But still I was skeptical of my abilities so I had a few of the chapters published on a free e-book website for free.

Wow! was I excited when I saw the number of hits I got. I even got comments like “I love your book, please post the rest.”

The feeling of euphoria that engulfed me was something I have never experienced before. To me I had succeeded.

So I decided to take the bull by the horns. I went straight for self publishing. I read my book, did some editing, followed the submission guidelines on Amazon KDP and with a huge smile clicked the “Publish” button. I was now a published author.

I went through the internet and found sites that listed my book for free. I offered my book for free on Amazon KDP select. The downloads rolled in. About three weeks after the first two days of free promotion I got my first review.

Like a ton of bricks, my heart sank when I read it. This wasn’t what the other readers from the free site had said about the book. This reviewer was saying, ‘he loved the book but there was major errors on it’. I went back to the book I had published and read through the sample. Something I never did before I offered it up for free.

I cringed as I saw mistakes I knew were not on the original file I uploaded. I went straight for the forums to find out the reason and Viola! There it was. PDF file ( there were also some grammar issues).

I had uploaded a PDF file and I realized that PDF files did not convert into eBooks as smoothly as epub or mobi files.

Hugh… what to do now?  I retraced my steps and worked again on the book. This time I was no longer impatient. Reading through each line, I worked with an editor to remove the flaws. I then uploaded a mobi file. Not wanting to make the mistake twice, I crossed checked the free sample on Amazon. Everything seemed to be fine.

So now I have offered free copies on Librarything. I patiently and anxiously wait for the judgement of my peers.

While I wait, I am working on my other books. I am actually about to publish an anthology of flash fiction stories by the end of February titled ‘A Timeless Love’.

Let’s see how it goes…Will definitely keep you all updated..

If you are an aspiring writer like me, what setbacks have you experienced?


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