Angels In The Trees

by linzy bruno


Once I dreamed I lived near a stream
that played a melody, like a song;
the air was clean, the animals my friends
and my brother and I got along.

First in my dream, I could see a bright star
shining in the light of day;
I stared and I stared and I rubbed my eyes,
but still it did not go away.

After I saw the star, I thought I must be dreaming, so I got out of my bed;
I went outside and it was still daylight,
in the night time?
Was I out of my head?

But this dream was not frightening,
not a single tear did I shed;
I went to the stream that was singing
and there were two birds about to wed.

The birds said they were delighted to see me
and they placed wild flowers in my hair;
they told me to be their flower girl;
I said I would, although I wasn’t really there!

I said: “this is all very magical”
and just then my brother appeared there too;
then the birds startled us by saying:
“there are angels in the trees”
and away they flew.

My brother and I spent the rest of my dream
looking for angels in the trees;
we asked around the yard, inquiring the grasshoppers, butterflies and bees.

Then the birds that were just wed
came swooping down at us two
and they said: “the angels told us God loves all living things” and away they flew.

My brother and I looked into the tree
and said: “angels are you inside?”
and then a voice came from the tree
that whispered:
“we are here to be your guide.”

I know it wasn’t real:
birds having a wedding
and a stream singing a song
and in real life it’s true;
my brother and I don’t always get along

But even though birds can’t really wed
and there was no message from any tree;
I know now God loves us all
and angels, no matter where they are,
are watching me.

Article Source: WRITERS


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