What is Your Story?

For a while now, I have been busy with a lot of personal projects that I have not had time to update this blog as I would have loved to.

I am sorry about that. My neglect makes me wonder about the true reason why I blog?

Truthfully, at the beginning it was about my writing. About me creating a platform to meet and share me work with individuals. I wanted to share my story.
Blogging to me then was like an advertisement. I had a product to sell(my books) and I needed an avenue to show case that.

However, after a few weeks it became more than that. My story started changing. I fell in love with writing out scriptures and inspirational quotes that moved me emotionally.. It felt like I was writing a message.. It no longer became about my books, it was now about the WORD. About a desire to touch just one person out there who takes out time to read what I have written.

So now, after a year of blogging I ask myself – what is my story? If someone was to talk about me, my books or my blog, what would they say?

I wonder….

I remember Ruth 2: 11, Boaz said, “I’ve been told all about what you have done for your mother-in-law since the death of your husband….”

The emphasis here are the words used by Boaz.. ‘I have been told’

Just like the story of Ruth was told to Boaz because of her good deeds, I want my story to be told not because I can write a book or string a few words cohesively. No, I want my story to be told because I have touched a life..

That my dear friends is the story I desire and hopefully with His help I will have it..

What story would you like to be said about you?

Edith Edremoda.


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