A Heart and a Pull


“And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself” John 12:32 NIV

Most times when I go to church and seat on the front pew, the first thing I see is the crucifix at the altar. Immediately I look at it, I would feel the gentle pull of my heart towards the One who gave up everything that I might be saved. No matter the state of mind I walked into the church with, no matter the emotions going through my heart, I usually find complete release.

I would find myself letting go of all the baggage’s and anxiety I came into church with. I would remember His words, “It is finished” and find myself surrendering totally to His Grace. I always left church a renewed person.

Please do not get me wrong, I am not saying that in the next six hours I would still feel that way. No. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. To me that’s life as a Christian.

What I am saying is that I leave the church renewed and revived. However, in reality we know that once the pressures of the world and society sets in, we sometimes lose all the peace and contentment we get from been in His presence. Especially when we fail to continue dwelling in the gathering of the brethren and feeding on the word of God.

This brings me to the verse I stated earlier, no matter how far off we are from Jesus Christ, we should realize that the cross of Calvary is because of us. He came to “draw” all of us to himself. To draw means to pull or drag something so as to make it follow behind. It can also mean to gently pull or guide someone in a specified direction. Depending on the meaning we chose to embrace, Jesus Christ is clearly saying that when He is lifted up on the cross of Calvary all men shall be drawn to Him. Not a particular race or people, all men. Not the churchgoers or the drug addicts, not the virgins or the prostitutes, all men. There is no discrimination. From the corners of the earth, from the north, to the south, to the west and the east, every man, woman and child who looks to the cross for salvation shall be called to the saving power of His blood.

Truthfully, that’s what makes me what I am today. For in all things, whether good or bad, whether a sinner or a saint I know that I can always look up and feel the gentle pull of the love of God in my heart. That my dear friend’s is all that matters, God’s love.



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