Little Opportunities to Serve

It is a fallacy  to think that God’s work in our lives must begin like a clap of thunder or a bolt of lighting; more often than not His work begins with something seemingly small, perhaps even mundane. Mother Theresa of Calcutta has often told the story of how she came to pick up the first destitute, dying person from the street:

“If I had not picked up that first man, I would not have picked up the thousands since then.”

St. Francis de Sales (1567-1622) was another who spoke of the value of allowing God to change our behaviour in small things:

“Great opportunities to serve God rarely present themselves,” he wrote, “but little ones are frequent. Whoever will be ‘faithful over a few things’ will be placed ‘over many’ says the Saviour.”

It is easy to be blind to the to the undramatic ways God wants to work in our lives to heal the way we speak to members of our families or treat those with whom we work. Let us resolve to be obedient to the daily promptings of the Holy Spirit to turn away from sin, to accept forgiveness when we fall, to readily forgive all who hurt us and to spend time with the Lord in daily prayer and scripture reading. Then we may be confident that the kingdom of God will daily grow in our lives as a mustard seed becomes a great shrub or as yeast produces abundant bread.

(Excerpt from Abide in my word. copyright 2010 Abide in My Word Press. All rights reserved)


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