Small Beginnings


It is a fact of history that the greatest things most times have small beginnings. Many great and memorable ideas began with small things. The idea of cultivation, reformation and so on began with a very small beginning. the witness of God grows until its growth and the kingdom of earth becomes the kingdom of God.

Whoever has a larger conception of his possibilities, a larger faith in self. A larger faith in attainment, is bound to accomplish infinitely more than those who depend on their seemingly more favorable assets; wealth; influence or position for their success. Christianity began from the smallest beginning; but today, it has transformed the lives of many.

Jesus lived like a common man but His life influenced many lives. Although a drop in an ocean may be a little, it makes the magnanimity of the ocean. There is no small act of kindness. Just do it and you can never tell how far it goes for the recipient. May God help us to see Him in our smallest beginnings. Amen.

Remain Blessed.

(Excerpt from Abide in my word. copyright 2010 Abide in My Word Press. All rights reserved)


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