A New Month……..

TreeWith Christmas only 24 days away I am so excited. This is my favorite time of the year. With family, friends and loved ones, lots of food and celebration, why won’t I be excited and happy?

So on this first day of December I thank the Lord for His mercies and grace and I say this simple prayer

“Father, give me the grace not only to know the Christ of Christmas but the Christ of Good Friday.”

Friends, please remember  that amidst all this celebration, there are folks out there that do not have what to eat, what to drink, clothes to wear. Orphans, widows, destitute, so many of them. They are afraid of what their tomorrow would bring for they have lost hope. But Christmas is about Hope. So let us show them.

Yes we are meant to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, but we are also meant to remember that his birth led to his death which in turn led to our salvation. There is a saying:

“To share joy is to show love. To show love is to know God. To know God is Joy and Happiness.”

As we celebrate this yuletide season, show some one love this month,so that the person can understand with the help of the Holy Spirit, the redeeming love of God.

Edith Edremoda.


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