Most of our prejudices are like pyramids upside down. They lie on tiny trivial incidents that grow upwards and sideward until they crowd our minds and confuse their functioning.

The crowds were amazed and filled with wonder, the Pharises’s minds were beclouded with virulent hatred. To the Pharises the truth of what their eyes see depends on what their heart feels. They reached a rash conclusion; it must be through the prince of devils that Jesus Christ cast out devils.(Matthew 9:32-34 GNB)

Since prejudice is a great time saver, it enables them to form opinions without getting the facts. They suffer self inflicted blindness. To this effect, they deny outright the truth and cling to falsehood. Anything new must be wrong. Since Jesus came with a new interpretation of what a real and authentic religion should be, they welcomed him with hatred. Their prejudiced mind did not allow them to see things as they were.

Do you appreciate that the truth goes beyond your conferment? Truth is bigger than one man’s imagination. Never allow your ideas to blind your vision of Jesus that you would miss the power of His presence. Accept the fact that as human beings, we are limited but God’s power surpasses human understanding. Do not allow prejudice to eradicate your tender disposition towards Jesus Christ. He is your eternal shepherd.

(Excerpt from Abide in My word, July 2010. Copyright 2010 by Abide in My Word Press)



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