A pool of crimson liquid flowed on the bathroom floor,

A wife cries out in pain,

“Oh Lord please not again,” she prays,

Three times before she had lost them,

Unable to carry them to term,

What does that make her?

A woman with flaws?

Each time she lost them; she cried in pain and prayed in faith,

Drawing strength from inspirational bible verses,

Believing that the next time, he or she will stay,

Alas! It was not to be,

Insults and jeers from people,

Questioning the Christian Dogma, ‘that God is forever faithful’

They say she is not a woman,

In-laws laugh and scorn,

Friends sneer from behind,

Now finally, the fourth time, he stays beyond six months,

She believes and hopes,

But again she bleeds because of medical reasons,

‘Lord please let him stay’ she prays.

Weeks later, she is told she is fine,

But still fear grips her heart,

Three months left, will he stay?

Living daily on inspirational words from the bible she waits,

One, Two, Three months pass,

Finally the time has come,

The pains of childbirth grips her,

With joy she embraces it,

Today the Lord will make her a mother,

The loud cries of her baby,

Wipes away her tears,

After three miscarriages, behold the Lord has blessed her with a child,

Her grateful heart sings in joy,

Taste and see how God provides,

For those who trust in him.

Holding her son for the first time, she christens him,

“AYIRIORITSE” meaning Praise be to God………

Remain Blessed,

Edith Edremoda




  1. the story is so touchy,inspirational and a lesson to us that God is forever God.
    the way you write, when i read ,it gets into my inner soul,i feel every word and sentence.keep it up,i pray God should use you and give you the strength,wisdom and knowledge to keep this blog going.

  2. I am going through a health issue since June of 2013, God used you to teach me not to give up, even I knew not to, but I found out this time how it felt to question God in a big issue, I didn’t get mad at Him, or loose Faith. I just was like disappointed, or something. For the first time I felt no one understood, we taught to share for prayer BUT when you do you sometimes find out yourwell meaning family, friends and church seem not to GET it.You pray,quote the Word to yourself,get prayed for,anointed on EVERYTHING. Even at home you stay Faithful, so your family thinks you’re alright, but God knows sometimes we wonder silently but stand ON everything God has said, and we truly DO believe, then you go to the doctor and the report is not better but worse, everyone says, or thinks..she didn’t have enough Faith, or she didn’t do,say or feel so alone,like. Even though you know God IS there! But reading this made me realize I am NOT alone,I mean Gods always there but at times you need a phsycal reminder, I think I was having a pity party I guess, idk, anyway thanks for sharing this because I never thought about , I mean I did, but this was more in my face of others pain in waiting for a miracle. I know God has healed me Thur Jesus!!! Thank you for reminding me I’m not the ONLY one waiting and I pray for all the others now who are waiting for their miracle too! Because I didn’t do that before, I mean I prayed for others and agreed for their prayers be answered but NOW I prayer for their MIRACLES too!! Not just health, or whatever I mean I specifically pray for MIRACLES, because they DO happen and sometimes we ALL need one!! Does that make sense? I hope I wasn’t too long or un-understanderable or whatever I just didn’t know how to explain it, I mean explain how I felt, its kinda hard for me to explain, its one of those deeper things I guess. Idk, thanks for reading, sharing, you helped me is what I’m trying to say I think:-) 🙂 🙂 in the LOVE of Christ, Yeshazion:-)

    1. I am deeply touched by your comment. I thank God that I was able to write words at the unction of His Spirit that reminded you of His infinite mercy and love. May God bless you and give you all that you desire. thank you for inspiring me as well.

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