Have you wondered if it is the works of your hands or the blessings of your parents that make you prosper in the world we live in today?

Or maybe it is just simply grace and favor?

Actually, it is these things and more.

One of such “more” is written in the book of 2nd Samuel 7. Recently I read a portion of this scripture that made me realize that God blesses the intent of a person’s heart. These intention doesn’t have to materialize into physical or spiritual actions for God to release His blessings, favour and mercy,

King David was settled on his palace and the Lord kept him safe from all his enemies. Then the king said to the prophet Nathan ‘Here I am leaving in a house built of cedar, But God’s covenant box is kept in a tent’…….But that night the Lord said to Nathan…..

…..16 you will always have descendants and I will make your kingdom last forever. Your dynasty will never end…”2nd Samuel 7:1-16

One thing that is clearly stated here is that God pronounced blessings on David simply because his intentions were good and pure. They were made out of love and not selfish reasons; A desire to give back to the God that has given him everything.

David said his intentions to Prophet Nathan; God heard those intentions even before he spoke them out loud and blessed him, despite the fact that David’s son Solomon was the one destined to build the temple of God.

No wonder the scripture records David as a man after God’s heart. Do you want to be a man or woman after God’s heart, then search and analyze the intentions of your heart?

Why do you do the things you do?

Is it to help others? Or is it to please God?

Or maybe you do them because it’s all about you?

Ask the Holy Spirit to purify your thoughts, so that they may be geared towards pleasing God the Father. He blesses our good and pure intentions whether we materialize those intentions into reality or not.

Remain Blessed,

Edith Edremoda


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